A Family Movie

Before being a company, Fotosmile is a family. What we most aspire to is not personal success, but that of our brand: this vision leads us to feel pioneers in our field and strong in our every new idea. Since 1996, two years after the birth of Fotosmile, we have been dealing with on-ride systems, what we can today consider the strongest point of our offer. We are constantly striving to bring technology, innovation, and an alternative perspective to the production of photos and videos for Parks and attractions. Our dedication and our products, to date, allow us to interact with the best operators in the attraction field. Ours is a direct relationship, we are personally involved to find the most suitable solutions for each project. Our ambition is not only personal but shared with the brands with which we collaborate: for this reason, we can say that we do not work for our customers, but with them.