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With the aim of enhancing opportunities for our partners, we have employed our technologies to create a new advanced video recording system for mountain coasters and ziplines, offering visitors to the most beautiful high-altitude attractions the chance to relive every single moment of their adventures.

Thanks to the use of cutting-edge recording equipment and a qualified team, every detail is captured with extraordinary precision.

Here are some features that distinguish our technology:

  1. We record the entire route completely automatically and seamlessly.
  2. Compact and discreet hardware suitable for any attraction.
  3. No impact on operations.
  4. Product available to the public in real-time, without the need for personnel.

But what sets this innovation apart is the ability to customize the experience. In addition to recording, Fotosmile’s technology offers the possibility of customizing the captured videos, allowing partners to create unique and engaging memories for their customers. With graphics and music reflecting the distinctive elements of the location, the videos can be shared and appreciated over time.

We are also excited to announce our participation in the Mountain Planet Fair, which will take place in Grenoble in April. This event represents an important opportunity for us to establish new relationships and strengthen our presence in the industry. We look forward to meeting fair participants and sharing our passion for innovation in the Mountain Coaster sector.