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In a world where innovation is the key to staying relevant, Fotosmile has made a bold and courageous decision: to renew its identity. With a new logo that captures the essence of modernity and a website that tells the exciting story behind each image, the company has laid the groundwork for an exciting new chapter, ensuring consistency and more immediate brand recognition for its customers.

And there’s more: their new app, available for iOS and Android devices, with an interface designed to provide smooth and intuitive navigation, is a direct reflection of this renewal. Now, visitors can fully immerse themselves in the experience, scanning a simple QR code and instantly accessing memories of precious moments. By purchasing photos or videos of their experience, they can view the digital version with the simple use of a unique code found on their purchase ticket.

But Fotosmile’s innovation goes beyond mere convenience. With the new “My Pass” feature, visitors can enjoy a total experience, collecting their memories directly on their pass without complications.

In a world where privacy is a fundamental priority, Fotosmile is committed to protecting its customers’ data. GDPR compliance is not just a formality, but a concrete commitment to ensuring that every captured moment remains safe and private.

This renewal is more than just an aesthetic addition. It is a commitment to providing a more engaging and personal experience, where every photo tells a story and every moment is carefully preserved. With these changes, Fotosmile reaffirms itself as a true guardian of precious moments.