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Fotosmile’s first participation in the Mountain Planet Exhibition trade fair in Grenoble was a triumph of innovation and opportunity. The company entered this fascinating world with a positive response, paving the way for new partnerships.

A Promising Debut:

Fotosmile’s partecipation at the Mountain Planet 2024 trade fair was met with great enthusiasm and interest from attendees and industry professionals. The company presented its range of products and services dedicated to photo and video on ride, attracting the attention of professionals. This positive response was a confirmation of Fotosmile’s potential in the Mountain Coaster world.

Thanks to the meetings and discussions during the event, Fotosmile identified potential partnerships and collaborations that could lead to new opportunities for growth and development. The company continues to explore new horizons and anticipate market needs, ensuring a competitive advantage in the industry.

This exhibition was also an opportunity to present a new patented video technology designed specifically for Mountain Coasters. This advanced system uses high-definition cameras and image stabilisation to ensure that every video is sharp, fluid and engaging. In addition, the ability to insert unique graphic elements will make the video an immersive and memorable experience, without any additional operator activity.

Looking forward, Fotosmile is ready to consolidate its role and explore further opportunities for growth and expansion in this sector.
The company is determined to continue innovating and meeting the ever-growing needs of its partners. Fotosmile looks forward with confidence and determination, ready to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities that the future holds.


In conclusion, Fotosmile’s debut at the Mountain Planet 2024 exhibition was a success, confirming the company’s potential. With a positive response and the discovery of new business, Fotosmile is preparing for a bright future full of opportunities in the industry. We are excited to see what the future holds.

Visit the following link to learn more about our video technology for mountain coasters and ziplines.